What’s going right , right now…

I tried to find reasons to be positive about this virus. Yes it is a pandemic and that SUCKS.

But does panic and anxiety serve a purpose? Here are somethings that will help you see the light during these…. interesting times.

  1. It is a reminder for all of us, especially the big powerful mighty human-beings who beat their chests and run around like they are invincible (you know who you are), that you are just a teeny tiny little speck in this cosmos, your existence is currently dependent on a microscopic bug that can kill you and everyone you love. If someone next to you sneezes, you can die! Isn’t it funny how we often tend to forget how fragile our lives are!?!?! Pay attention to your breath. Remind yourself that you are mortal. & Most of all, be F**ing GRATEFUL for every breath you & those you love take, cuz it IS indeed a GIFT.
  2. Working in the manufacturing industry gave me a first hand understanding of how much production happens on an hourly basis and how much of it A) Either gets used or B) turns into landfill. Panic Purchasing in the West has emptied millions of products, from canned tomatoes to toilet paper, from laundry detergents to hand sanitizers, all of which could have potentially turned into landfill. That, for humanity, is a win.
  3. Couple of brothers in Tennessee tried to re-sell 18,000 hand sanitizers given the demand for it. Talk about monetization ! Fortunately, they were forced to donate all that to charity! LMAO. Which means, those who could not afford to go to work due to their health conditions, now have access to .. free alcohol based cleansers that will avoid the spread ! 😀 I think that is Karma at it’s best 😉
  4. With everyone being on lockdown, pollution is controlled. Well controlled-ish. Mother Earth heals herself, if only we give her the chance to. See for yourself, what happened to the concentration of Nitrogenoxide within a matter of 20 freaking days

5. Since coal and heavy industrial activities have dropped, the Carbon-Di-Oxide content in the atmosphere has gone down tremendously as well

6. When these images were released by NASA, there emerged a fear/skepticism based trend on social media that a rise in cremation caused Sulphur-di-oxide levels to go up. Well, here is a response to that!

7.While some of us go into panic mode to stock up supplies, look what Rome & Italy decided to do during the lockdown (This gave me goosebumps to the point where my hair follicles actually hurt!) 🙂

Messages of love, compassion and well wishes poured in for Italians from China and the East towards the end of this clip.. Watch it!


8. It is truly unfortunate how some Westerners are using this as a tool for racism. Yes this might have originated in China, but does that give you the right to point fingers and act like a moron? What if the tables turned, and a cow had something weird going on and it transmitted it to other cows and the beef eating population ended up causing a pandemic? How would that make you feel? Would you take Response-ability for that virus then? Would you apologize to the non-beef eating population for being the root cause of a pandemic?

Just. Stop. This is an unfortunate event that somehow is turning into Nature’s way of purging us. Pointing fingers tells us more about who you are, than about the one’s you are blaming.

9. Covid cases reported : 169,556 ; Deaths : 6516 ; Recovered : 77,753 as of 10:30pm. Yes this is terrible, but there ARE more cases of recovered individuals that the social media and news does not cover. They like to have us all GRIPPED in fear. Don’t cave. Don’t give in to fear. Where there is Faith, there can be no fear. That is not to say start acting with bravado and stupidity. Lay low, stay safe, take precautions but keep your chin up and have faith.

This virus does not have the power to transmit itself. It NEEDS your body as a means of transportation. Don’t become a vehicle for it. If you are infected, you have the power within to heal and the power to end it’s journey.

Pam Grout has another blog (https://pamgrout.com/2020/03/13/i-could-see-peace-instead-of-this/ ) if you need more words of love and hope. She quotes Jack Kornfield in it, I love it… As Jack Kornfield likes to say, “Remember your Buddha nature AND your social security number.”

Love all ❤

Sending everyone Tons and Tons of internet hugs and good thoughts.