Push the Envelope. It's time.

A while ago, let’s say about 3 years now, a book thwacked me on my head. If I had a faint flame inside of me about these three most important questions in life before reading that book, after reading it, they became a roar of a flame.

1 – Who am ‘I’ ?

2 – Where did ‘I’ come from?

3 – Where am ‘I’ going?

I have been on a constant path of questioning and finding answers. As a kid, the most mind blowing thing for me was seeing a remote control work. Why does that remote work? How? It didn’t touch the TV and yet the channels change!? What kind of magic is this? As I grew older the nature of my questions changed. Not drastically, but a little. Why did I feel that way? Why did he say that? What did she mean by that? [FYI, this line of questioning is what drives people into madness !]. In my early twenties, the line of questioning took a turn, but this time it started going inward. Why are we all the same and yet so very very different? Why do some people take their pain and hold on to it and use it as a reason to shield themselves from life while others take that exact same pain and use it as a ladder to climb higher in their lives? What sets them apart from the ones who find peace in stagnation? The way I dealt with my growing pains was similar but inconsistent. Some days I used it as a fuel to grow and others, I wished I was numb to life. It’s a good thing wishes don’t come true instantaneously!

The book I was talking about earlier (thanks Ayshu) #LawsoftheSpiritWorld , answered some questions. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted or the ones in the “oh poor me” realm. It is also MOST DEFINITELY not for those who are a living embodiment of cynicism. If you think you have an open mind and are humble enough to acknowledge that you don’t know everything in the cosmos, then give it a shot. Keep your intellectually stimulant, reality questioning cynical mind aside till you finish the book. Because you will go insane or think I am insane if you don’t. Also stop reading this blog now if you are already there!

This book was from a North Indian woman, a grieving mum who just lost her 2 sons. India. Okay. Let’s say everything in this book is Concept#1. After reading the book I was perturbed for months. I let go of everything I read, kept it aside and tried to forget it. Months later I see a foreign movie – Japaneese origin. There were concepts in this movie that resonated very eerily closely to Concept#1. Let’s call this concept#2.

Then I was at a friend’s place watching some random show on TLC. It switched to a show called the Long Island Medium. It creeped me out. Let’s call it concept#3.

You know how when you read a book or watch a movie, different things stand out to different people? Say a statement made by someone pops right out of the conversation and hits you in the face but doesn’t even register in your friends mind? So, something a guru said along the lines of “You were dead for thousands of years before you got this opportunity to live and when you die, you’ll be dead for thousands of years. Make use of this time!”. Goosebumps as I am typing this. Concept#4.

Saw a show on Netflix called “One Strange Rock”. Hosted by Will Smith and 8 other astronauts who have lived in space and share their experiences. Some of the things that they say and experience struck a chord – again . Concept#5.

A friend of mine (Thanks Ankit) suggested a book (#CelestineProphecy) that he said he couldn’t put down. I started reading it and yep, I couldn’t put it down either! The author and every concept he spoke of resonated with everything above and then some. Call this Concept#6

I can keep going, but the gist is, I’ve had approximately 11 or 12 concepts that say the same thing.

Your time here on earth, is technically your ‘heaven’ or a means to ‘clean your slate/karma’ or ‘second / third/ fourth chance’. There is no Heaven in the sky that you can’t see, or hell down below that you have no proof of. This is it. This is heaven. Earth is your heaven period.

If so many cultures around the world that have no corelation with each other, so many different kinds and typed of people from a variety of backgrounds from the east and west alike, kind of say the exact same thing, what are the odds of all of them being wrong?

I mean, we all agree that there is oxygen in the air. No, no one’s seen it. But everyone experiences it. Once science steps in with a %value to it, we all align our thought processes. Spiritual seekers feel and experience things that science has not really caught up to, and though the enlightened ones like Gautama Buddha or Jesus or Krishna have tried to show us the path, instead of living like them we look up to them as if they fell out of the sky and none of us can ever be like them . In the vast expanse of the Cosmos, the entirety of the universe and the many many many galaxies and solar systems, our Earth is such an insignificant dot of an existence and we humans are, well, a SPECK. & yet our thinking is, I don’t have proof I don’t see so I don’t believe. What I believe is true and everyone else is weird or in a cult or crazy but I am alright and if you, fellow tiny SPECK are not on the same page as me, well then you are ‘wrong’ & insignificant to me. LMAO.

My point is, how can thousands and thousands of people of different faiths and religious upbringings say the exact same thing? Does that not mean, we are all right and in harmony already? Just because the way we say it is different, does that mean the essence of it is lost/wrong?

Maybe someone reading this can try and answer these in the comments below 🙂 Maybe we can start a discussion, something to challenge our current beliefs. Push that envelope you are in. Push it out. See where we land.

Love all ❤

2 thoughts on “Push the Envelope. It's time.

  1. That was Spiritually enlighting. I had a similar experience going through the works of ramana maharishi.
    Ppl start loosing interest towards materialistic things while diving deep into these concepts. Our society pushes us towards commercial aspects of life whereas spirituality reverses the same.
    Mahashivratri at isha was also nothing short of heaven!! True bliss..
    Stay happy & healthy ( Physically & mentally) .


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