Huddle Time?

I went to watch an ice hockey game this morning. My first game actually, never been interested in sports. Never understood the intent behind it. Why do 22 men kick a ball from one corner of the field to another? Why do they push around a puck and try and get it to go into a net? What is the point of activities like these that are so intense, that stir up all emotions within? I always felt like I was wired the wrong way. So even though my mom was a state-level player and she had two brothers who were all about sports, I stayed as far away from sports as I could. However I did go for the game this morning wanting to rewire myself.

The two teams that played this morning were yellow and purple. From where I was sitting the girls on the yellow team seemed older, taller and bigger than the girls on the purple team. Behind the rink stood their respective coaches, substitutes, etc., cheering them on. During the first ten to fifteen minutes, neither team scored. The purple team didn’t seem too comfortable and it looked like they were struggling a little, unfocused, while the yellow team seemed very comfortable at this. They looked confident and it almost looked like they were pros.

Every now and then the team would regroup and their coaches would have a little talk with them and the game would continue. The yellow team’s coach was very vocal, he kept yelling instructions and cheering his team (I think, I couldn’t really understand what he was saying, but he sure was worked up). His team likewise acted like him. They were charged up, ready to go, there was loud communication amongst themselves on the rink. They were an exact representation of what their coach was.

The purple team’s coach, was calmer. There were no loud instructions being yelled at the team from the side, there were definitely some cheers coming the team’s way, however it was a subtler, more gentle & supportive form of cheering.

The yellow team came very close to scoring some goals, very close. But they didn’t. Not too long after their second huddle, something changed. The purple team scored thrice. 3-freaking-times. They won.

I think, as the yellow team came real close to scoring a few goals when the game started and the purple team didn’t, the yellow team’s goalkeeper and the team on the whole got a little cocky/conceited. Just when they underestimated the purple team’s capability, the girls swooped in and scored thrice.

In a way we are all a mixture of both the yellow and purple teams. Unfortunately or fortunately our coaches, are our minds. We do what our coach tells us to do (or yells at us to do). On one hand he gives us a string of commands that are constructive for our well-being, like eat healthy, don’t waste time watching tv, workout, be nice to people, give more than you get, help others smile and make everyone’s day better by doing what you can. On the other hand the exact same coach tells us a story we all wish we didn’t hear, like you are worthless, you’re just not good enough, no one likes you, everyone makes fun of you, people hate you, you’re old, you’re fat, life sucks, the world is full of monsters, there is no good left in anyone, don’t trust anyone, you know how this goes.

We don’t have the option to swap our coaches with others, but we do have the option to ask him to be more constructive and help us live a happier more peaceful life. When the voice within tells you ‘you are a failure’, you sure can tell him ‘maybe so, but there’s a million people out there, who don’t have what I do, I have more than what I did a couple years ago and if you are hell bent on calling me a failure, then that’s alright, because there is nowhere to go but up from here’.

Have a little huddle time with yourself. Re-group your thoughts, see what they all say, give them direction and purpose. Help guide them towards your calling, whatever it maybe. Your personal huddle time could be anything, for some it maybe going for a run while for others it may be cooking, some may find going for a bike ride relaxing while others may find it in painting. Whatever your ‘you’ time looks like, do it. Cuz that will help make you a better player and when you are pushing to be your better self, you are fun to be around and people will want to spend more time with you and be with you and you will attract more love, which in turn will reduce the destructive string of comments that your coach sends your way 😉

& when you do fail at these attempts to make yourself a better person (I fail more than thrice a day!) , remember this…


Good Luck 🙂


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  1. That’s true. I too believe – if you haven’t failed ,you haven’t tried.
    I remember watching your volleyball games 🙂 good day.

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