Bialbero di Casorzo-What a Wonderful Sign…

I just had to write about this amazing tree that I read about a couple days ago. An Epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant. Unlike a parasite, this is a harmless growth and it uses its host as a physical support and that is about it. Unless the growth is an algae or moss or something of that category, the host usually ends up killing the growth. Why? Because there just isn’t enough space/moisture/nutrients etc. for the both of them & also, because it’s not one of its own. Yupp. The epiphyte, when its a tree, has a short lifespan (grows to a certain height and then…well R.I.P.).

Here is what blew my mind. In Peidmont, Italy there grows a mulberry tree. and from within it, stands tall an astonishing Cherry tree. The Mulberry tree (host) shared its space, its trunk, its nutrients, its moisture and what not!? so that the Cherry tree could grow and stand tall on it, and blossom. ❤


Made me wonder. If a tree can be so accommodating and inclusive, why can’t we humans? I stopped watching the news a while ago as I found it biased towards & in favor of the worst case scenarios in the world. But with the US elections, I have not been able to stay away from the drama and ever so often I get sucked into that black hole. Yesterday was Women’s March. I did not realise that over 5 million people across the globe had participated in it!

In a way it’s extra-ordinary to see 5 million people coming together in a peaceful and positive march for something they believe in. 5 million. That is a LOT. There weren’t just women and kids marching for their rights, there were men, coloured people, immigrants, people from the LGBTQ community and all the other people that the new President had offended. It was incredible.

However, I find it a little sad. Does it take this much effort from such a major percentage of the world, to come together and say “We are all Equal”? Has humanity come to a point, where the basic things as such need to be said out loud in the form of a protest? Have we become that ignorant so as to forget that we were all babies once, no creed, no cast, no religion, no race. Just-babies. Every thing else was piled up on us as we grew up sure, we have cultural difference and various backgrounds. We don’t all have the exact same things in common. I went out for a team get-together last week and when my colleagues started talking about Hockey I found my brain shutting down and I started humming songs and going through the lyrics in my head 😉 !!! But that just shows that we are all unique in our own ways and yet we were all born the exact same way! Does it not?

So, if a Mulberry tree, can allow a whole another Cherry tree, to grow on it, feed off of it and blossom, can we as humans-the most ‘intelligent’ species on earth, not understand that concept? Does it take protests and marches to understand that?!?

Here is what I propose. Become aware. Every single one of you reading this, wake up. Open your eyes. Pay attention. When you are getting out of bed, say thank you to the hundreds of hours that people of different backgrounds put in, in making that bed for you, that you take for granted. Say thank you to the people who work in industries day in and day out that make tooth-brushes and toothpastes and every SINGLE item that you use in your house, that you don’t even think about as it has become your routine. When walking down the street, open your eyes, and look at people. I mean REALLY look. See how unique each and everyone of us is. The colour of their skin, the height, the eyes, the nose, the hair, their accents, their gestures the way they walk and talk. See how different each and everyone of us is, & realise that we are all the same. We were all babies once. We were all awed by the beauty of flowers and butterflies when we were kids. We smiled at everyone, we were awed by nature, we were happy about everything. The social and cultural differences does not change any of that.


Find that 5 year old in you. & Set Him/Her free.

Be Grateful. For Life is not a trial run. You got one shot at this. Make it worth-while.

❤ Lotsa Luv to All ❤

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