What are we striving for? (Recap)

I have a 6 year old cousin in India. She is the big shiny star of our family.  I say that because she spreads light, joy and warmth where ever she goes and who ever she talks to . Even listening to her shenanigans cracks me up.  If you see her speaking to someone, I can guarantee you they will have a smile on their face. This used to be us. Remember when we were young? We could talk to anyone, be anything we wanted, we were happy & we could bring a smile on people’s faces. It was a judgement free time in our lives. And then we decided to ‘grow up’. We decided to be more ‘mature’. There is an episode in Modern Family, it begins with Alex saying, ‘why do people say be more like adults? What does that mean?’ Does it mean we should not smile at strangers or should not make eye contact with people while walking down the street, so they don’t think we are weird? Does it mean we should not speak our minds in fear of getting ridiculed? Does it mean we should completely zone ourselves out of everyone else’s lives because – ‘It’s not my problem’? Does it mean we should not laugh too much because we ‘MAY’ end up crying? Does it mean we should be afraid to dream, just so we can protect ourselves from failure? My friend Revathy sent me this yesterday and it struck me like a bolt of lightning. This is exactly the little record that plays inside all of our heads. ‘What if I fall (fail) ’ ?


When we are aligned with the universe, there is absolutely no scenario in which you will not be receiving constant signals from it saying ‘everything is going to be ok’. In the butterfly experiment in E-Squared, you are asked to request the universe to show a uniquely patterned/coloured butterfly or a certain number of butterflies within a given timeline. My Cousin Soundharya tried this and nothing happened for a long time. She was getting close to the end of her timeline, when she decided to stop worrying about what if she doesn’t see it, why is she not seeing it, etc. She made up her mind, and thought, I have placed a request, and I shall receive it. Not long after  she did that, she realized there were butterflies stuck on the AC/walls in her room, and she just had not been in the present or to put it  another way, paid enough attention! To top it all off, she was with her sister all day, and later realized that her sister’s wallet had 3 little butterfly jewels hanging from it!

Here is another story from a new comer to this posse, my brother Ganesh! He had all his books, assignments, movies, music, pictures etc. in his hard drive. One morning it was gone. He lost his mind. He was cursing and swearing at the world and all the horrible things that can happen and why people would steal things etc. It was a classic example of how one negative thought can pave way to a stream of negative, self destructive thoughts. But here is the thing, nothing is ever ‘Lost’. It is only misplaced . It doesn’t self-destruct and vaporize into thin air! After explaining it a little bit to him, he decided to give the universe a chance. What do I have to lose he thought. 48 hours later, his classmate who was in the hospital for some reason, said he had it. My brother had his first taste of a successful experiment.

We either consciously choose to see the answers, or we sub-consciously choose to ignore it. Either way, the answers are there. It’s up to you what you want to do with it. When people say this very cheesy statement ‘ be in the moment’, this is what they mean. The past doesn’t exist. The future is a hallucination. All you have right now, is the present. If you consciously make an effort, to be in the present and be grateful for what you have right now, then you can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you will have no other feeling inside of you, other than happiness. Now, isn’t that what we are all striving for?