Franny’s Feet.. It’s always the small things.. ( Recap of past post with a new video link !)

Here is a little conversation me and my cousin had a week ago.


Me: Hey M watching Caillou ! Ur favorite show lol

Soundarya: my favorite show ??why don’t i remember ?

Me: Lol appo Ganesh’s favorite show I think… One of u guys loved it…

Soundarya: the kid looks familiar but i don’t remember loving it ( or even watching it ) probably his !

Me: Ohhh urs is Franny’s feet !

Soundarya: ohhhh Rathi i love you….reallyyyyy ! I’ve been thinking abt the name of that show for like half a year now

Franny’s feet was my most favorite. love you rats

Me: Ha hahahaha..I used to luv that show too….  🙂

Soundarya: best dreamy show ever

Me: Absolutely..I’m actually gonna watch it now

Soundarya: Lmao watching it currently haha

Me: Lmao lol !!!!!

Soundarya: Ohhh rathii..this is just too much watching that exact episode


Me: this incidence is totally worth sharing in the blog 🙂

Soundarya: haha totally  🙂


Okay. Call this coincidence if you want to. I believe that it’s the small things like this that make us really happy. No matter for how short a time that may last.

“The Magic” is another book by Rhonda Byrne, in which there are 28 tools that you can do, one a day, to rewire your thought system, to instill gratitude in each and every cell in your body. When you do this, you don’t really have to make a conscious effort to remind yourself to be grateful, No. You just become grateful. It becomes who you are. Every breath you take, you will be grateful. Isn’t that amazing?  But are you willing to do the work for it?

It’s like working out for a better physique. If I want great abs, I have to put in the work. But how MUCH do I WANT it ? How bad do I want it? How much effort am I willing to put in, to see the result? These 28 days , the 28 tools, are the easiest, smallest things you can do, to see changes.

When you are WILLING to make changes in your life, to live a better life, a happy life, resources just come flowing towards you. You will be amazed at the abundant answers that are just available, waiting for you to explore. Check out this video for a wake up call. 😉

So, to start with, write 3 things you are grateful for everyday. Easy right? But are you willing to make time for it (I mean 3 minutes?!?!?) write it down here in the comments if you want ! 🙂 and Good Luck Y’all ! 🙂


HaVe FuN LiVing LiFe !