Is there a Shortcut to Monitoring Your Thoughts?

confused-face-clipart-kaeqw6-clipartDid you know an average human has about 60,000 thoughts per day? That means we have 35-48 thoughts per minute. When it comes to being positive in life we are told we need to think positive thoughts. Well who in the world can monitor 60,000 thoughts !? Are you kidding me? I mean seriously.. admit it guys, how many times have you lumbered past your hallway, into the kitchen, opened the door and stared blankly into the coldness wondering “What the heck did I want? Aargh..” and walked back not remembering ?!? If we are being completely honest, I must say I have done that 3 times in a row so far.. My Personal BeSt !

So what do we do? What is the shortcut to monitoring them? Is there one?!? If you have read The Secret (& I strongly recommend you watch the movie if you are the “meh, I am not really a book-reading kinda guy/gal”) , you know the answer to that question. YES !

Your shortcut is called fEeLiNgSszzz. Let me explain 🙂

Thoughts & the associated Feelings

I want to punch someone in the face. Grrr…..                                                                                 Mad, Angry, Irritated, Annoyed

I want to roll down my windows & sing “Happy”-by Pharell Williams! 🙂                              Happy, Joyful, Excited

I want to curl up into my fetal position & sleep 😦                                                                        Upset, sad, you know what I mean.

When you say these words out loud, notice your inner sensations. When you are happy! you probably want to hug everyone , bounce of the walls, tell everyone you love them, tell a million thanks a day and when you are really really really in that zone – you will want to cry. I read this in Isha’s blog :

If tears of joy, happiness, love have not washed your cheeks, you are yet to Live Life

It’s an amazing feeling. When you are truly grateful for everything you have, when you say Thank You! and really mean it ! When you know that if you die today, then you will be O.K. with it, because you are living your life with utmost love and gratitude, you have helped someone consciously at some point of time during the day, made someone smile, made someone’s day, you will experience what that statement means. I am sure one of our bloggers Soundharya will agree with the crying part of this post. Revathy will agree with the goosebumps phenomenon. That is another sign that you actually mean it, when you say Thank You !

So, Goosebumps, tears, are all our signs that we can vouch for, that say Hey! You are truly grateful! What are yours ? 🙂