The Abundance Within….

Did you know there are 37.2 t-r-i-l-l-i-o-n cells in your body? (Unless you are “The dog with a blog” reading this 🙂 )  ? Every cell is working, need I say, 24x7x365. No coffee breaks, no vacation, no government holidays, NADA. When we are feeling alone, all by ourselves , like the world has turned against us, like there is nothing left to live for, think about 37.2 TRILLION (Super emphasis on the trillion ! ) little minions cheering for you, telling you that they Love and AdOrE you ! that the sole intent and purpose of their existence is to make your life possible ! Can you visualize that ?!? How exciting !

This is a weird way to start this paragraph but I can’t come up with a nice way to put it, so here goes : Have you ever paid attention to your tongue? The next time you say something, pay attention to it. See how much it moves. when you drink water! when you eat? Chew something without moving your tongue. Try it ! Every sound you produce, every word you pronounce, every drop of water you drink, every single thing you eat – don’t take it for granted. Imagine not having a tongue. Go 1 hour pretending you don’t have one. Try it 😉

This is just one example of what we take for granted. Your eyes ! your lips ! your limbs ! every single thing you have, when was the last time you were grateful for it? We are waaaay to busy with our humdrum lives that we take things for granted all the time and then on top of it all ! we CoMpLain !

So this weeks experiment would be : Pay attention to every time you complain. Imagine your favorite hero who inspires you, motivates you  (I am going to go with Will Smith ! ) carrying a notepad and going everywhere you go, jotting down the things you say, and highlighting all your complaining and whining. If you keep whining would someone want to love you more? Give you gifts and presents and chocolates and balloons ? ( I like chocolates hence the example :p  ) I am sure we all have a couple friends who love whining about the stupidest things and are always in the “Oh poor me” frequency. Do you not run away from these people? Try to make excuses and avoid anything to do with them? Now it is exactly the same way, the universe is jotting down your thoughts ! How are you going to manifest love and appreciation in your life if you are going to be more whiny than grateful !? Be Grateful. It is the only way to be 🙂 If you want more reasons to be grateful and get into that frequency – check out the ABOUT page of this blog !

Post your review of how much magic came flowing your way after you did this for a day! 🙂


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  1. i was looking for the sign that YESSS someone is loving me so much and i got this blog !! yaiyyy ❤ i am loved by my Trillions of cells ❤ !! THANKS RATHI 😀 🙂


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