Do you have what it takes to be a kid again?

I recently got a message from one of the members in our posse, asking how to make a 6 year old manifest. The thought behind this query was kids aren’t really that great at manifesting. I have been meaning to find time to write a post specifically for that person and for those of you having the same mis-conception. Ram Anna, here goes:

I talk about “manifesting” a lot in the group. Sometimes its even annoying for me to hear me say post your manifestations guys! What exactly do we do when we manifest?

Step 1: Make a clear request. No wishy-washy statements. No meh-maybe-I dunno-Sorta items. Make it very clear to the universe “WHAT YOU WANT”. It could be anything as awesome as a colourful feather (like one of Soundharya’s recent manifestation) or as mind-blowing as healing yourself (like Nafeela’s wisdom tooth story!). It could also be as generic as my statement “I just want to be happy”. Yes that IS a manifestation statement. Sure it is not down right specific to a material thing that is going to make me happy. Because like most of us, I have a monkey mind. If a pink & purple flower put a smile on my face one day, the very next day the Exact same flower can piss me right off. YES! I am oh-so-very capable of these extreme emotions! So some days, I go ‘hmmm. Why risk it? Alright universe, just find things/events/situations, that simply put a smile on my face and make me happy’. Let the universe do the heavy lifting and figure out what would put a smile on my face that particular day. So, make a clear request as to what it is you want. Cuz if you dont know what to ask, how would you know you are receiving it 🙂


Step 2: Set a Time Frame. This has to be around your comfort zone. Somethings might seem simple to you while the same things might seem very difficult to digest for someone else. So this time frame step has to be believable and digestible for you and you alone. Because if you don’t Believe, you can’t Receive.

Analog Stopwatch Mascot

Step 3: LET GO. Let me say that one more time. L.E.T.  G.O. Okay, one more time now really really pay attention. L.E.T. – I.T. – G.O.O.O.O.O.O. !!!!!! Put it in a pink/white/transparent/ gold/silver (whatever colour you like) bubble and let it float away from you. Here lies most of our problems. The analytical portion of our brain starts its work after step2. It starts finding a ruler, drawing lines and tabular columns, colour coding the rows and columns, making bar graphs and pie charts. It starts its job – “PLANNING”. The how to get there.

{Spoiler Alert : Step 4 is make believe like you already received it}

Back to step 3. Why do we do this? Why do we as adults, start planning to get to our goal? Is that a bad thing? Are we supposed to just wing it?

Quoting one of my friends Revathy :

You order something in Amazon. Lets say a watch. Now this is a very special watch. You have wanted it all your life. & now finally you hit BUY NOW. Made the payment and set the shipping address. What do you do next? Do you shut down your laptop and go have a cup of coffee and carry on with your life? or do you shut your laptop off, turn it back on & make another visit to the same watch vendor make another payment, send him the same shipping address over and over and over again, send him a thousand messages asking him ‘you got the payment right? you got the shipping address right? are you sure you are sending it to me? You promise? Pinky-swear? Okay, you got this right? Right? RAAIGGHHHT?’

I don’t think a lot of us would do that and if we did, then the very annoyed vendor would not have sent us the shipment! If we can believe in AMAZON and let go after making the payment knowing and believing that its going to be here, can we not put 1/4th of that trust in the freaking universe?

Another example that is a little more fun:

You go to a hotel. You want to order Tomato soup. Easy enough order right? You call the waiter, you tell him your order, he smiles, says ok, writes it down and walks away. 30 seconds later you get worried if he wrote down soup or something else, you call him and you confirm with him, he laughs and says yes I got this. You are happy now. 5 min later you are not sure if he wrote down tomato or potato.You ask him again.He gets a little annoyed, tries to re-assure you. You settle down. 20 min gone by now and you are convinced he wrote down tomato-basil and not tomato. Rest assured the sanctity of that soup will be long gone by the time it gets to your table, I dare you to eat it. Rule number 1-never irritate the waiter.

So if we are so comfortable ordering soup in a restaurant or buying stuff online, how come we have such a hard time making a request to the cosmos and letting go?  My understanding is that it is our social conditioning that has damaged our faith in the F.P. Majority of the media doesn’t help, its always in our face in the form of TV, radio, newspapers, books and articles, bill-boards, & world-wide-web gosh. The more we unintentionally see and register negative images/news the more we start to doubt and question, and the harder it becomes to Just Believe and Let Go.

Step 4: Act like you have received it. How happy would you be when you got that very special watch from Amazon? Act now, like you already have it tied around your wrist! Like you are showing it off to your friends! How exciting is that!? Is it exciting to think oh man! what if that watch doesn’t make it home? What if it is lost in shipping? Not all that fun is it?

This is where it gets harder, the older you are. To make believe. To pretend you are a 3 year old and you get really REALLY excited preparing for the thing you asked the universe to bring to you. Believing that the thing which you asked for, has already started its journey towards you and its already got your name on it and its already YOURS!!! Woohoo!

So by this logic, the more social conditioning you have on you, the harder you are going to find it, to let go of the pink bubble and make believe. A 27 year old has only ~20 yrs of society’s negative layering on her, but a 40 year old has ~30 years of it. So he/she needs to put more effort than the 27 year old, to manifest.

So Ram anna and the rest of you guys out there, its so so so very easy for your kid to sit in a place, close her eyes, address to the sky/universe/whichever god she likes and has full faith in, think of what she wants, put it in a heart shaped red balloon and let it float away from her. When she has done that ask her to truly believe that her request is being processed and is on its way. My advice to her :  once the balloon floats away, go play outside or eat a sandwich. 😀

Let it go, to let it in.


🙂 Love All ❤ & Keep believing no matter What ❤


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