To change…

This post is inspired by a good friend of mine. We did our master’s together in Canada, and I got to know her through some common friends. When we were students she was ‘that girl’ that was hyper and all smiles all the time and she saw the good in everything and the good in everyone. She was the most loved among us all, and I cannot recollect a single person that did not love her. She would organize events and invite everyone to her house ( 50% of whom she had never met before), she would make us all great snacks and me and my other friends would cook a ton of food. She would buy the party supplies and make everyone feel like a kid again. She was the most religious of us all, she would not party like we party, she was a conservative Indian girl and yet she was the life of us all. She was the big yellow bright ball of light that I have always wanted to be. She had a unique gift.

And then certain events of life got in her way. ‘Change’. Some of the things that she wanted, did not happen her way. Some very unexpected things came her way. She lost that spark. It would kill us to watch the light in her fade. She stopped smiling. She stopped being herself, she just stopped BEING. And when we all asked her what we can do to help, she wouldn’t say a word, she was too kind to share her pain. She left Canada for a vacation and never came back.

We had lost touch with her. We were worried sick. We couldn’t get her out of our mind, neither could we stop thinking about her. But then almost a year passed I believe, and then we heard she got married. It struck me like lightning. Some of us were happy for her. I on the other hand was mad. I was so very upset. How could she leave us all? How could she not even tell us she was getting married? How could she do this to us, to me? How self-absorbed I was for more than a month, I did not even stop to think what it must have been like, for her.

5-6 months later, she pinged us on Facebook. We got in touch with her. She asked us to not talk about the past. We agreed. We manifested her meeting us and guess what! After 3 years she came back to Canada. I met her lat year and it was just like yesterday. And then I started noticing the change in her. She was different. She got her spark back, but not the way it was before. She was more spiritually evolved, she prayed, but she prayed for everyone and because she wanted to, not because she had to. She was open to new experiences, she loved everything that she was not open to trying earlier, she had a calmer presence around her,  and yet she maintained to have that warm loving glow she used to have. Her big ball of light was no longer yellow and bright, it was warm and white.

The change she was not expecting to undergo, the change that scares us all, made her a progressive Indian Girl! She is now exploring the WORLD literally ( from Canada to France and now Korea!) and having great new experiences!

Here are some things she has been sharing after the change :





Don’t be afraid of change.

Change is Good. 🙂

Change is the only Constant.  🙂

❤ Just enjoy BEING ❤


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  1. Wow !! This is the sweetest thing i have seen in this year rathi. Thanks much for this beautiful gift. The work you are doing is tremendous. Bringing up all positivity is never been unrewarded. Good luck on your journey. Love !

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