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Ok, so this is going to be the biggest post yet. No I am not going to type a 108 pages, relax… I have been rambling on and on about this “Positive Posse” of mine for a while now. I thought it was only fair, to explain what kind of stories I am blessed with every single day. So I got my geek on, and here are a “few” stories from the 108 pages. I would like to start by saying sorry to the posse, if I have not included your story here it’s because my word keeps crashing every time I try to edit it as the document is so huge & I had to delete almost all of mine! (also sorry about the typos. Cuz Tatz Hw V Text Y’all !) 😉  So for those not in the group, here is how abundant the supply of positivity is , for those who are receptive… Enjoy and find your favourite stories, use them as inspiration. For those in the group, look at the amazing things you have manifested so far !!! 😉   Welcome to the ‘Light side’ :p

4/5/16, 11:58 AM – Soundhu: I saw in news that the entire south India has heat waves troubling people.. They were showing Kerala then I thought ‘ god give us rain’ anywhere in south, Let it rain And now my mom hears it from her sister that it rained in Kerala !! I wished upon it today evening That’s like 3 hours I don’t know when it rained But just got the information!!!

4/6/16, 2:15 AM – Ayshwarya Sivakumar: So I was walking not feeling very up back from class. Took a different corridor than usual in hostel and saw this poster stuck on a girl’s door!! If it is unclear, It says “You are the Universe experiencing itself”!!!

4/6/16, 8:42 AM – Rathi: here is my latest! I wanted to attend workshops on project management, some form of leadership training, aaaaand and searched online for a while. then there were only courses that I had to pay for, so I said meh and I forgot about it. this was a week ago. Now got an email !!! I’m getting a free 15-20 hour leadership training my company is paying for !!!! #missionaccomplished

4/6/16, 10:55 AM – Soundhu: I wanted to have sandwich at a place called ‘budha house’ two weeks ago.Then I thought ‘soundarya u can treat yourself with the sandwich after your project gets over i.e 7th April ‘And Today My dad got me a veg sandwich from the same place !!! Today is 6th. LOL

4/7/16, 9:59 AM – Ayshwarya Sivakumar: We have a lot of presentations to make in my course study and usually we know what we have to present and we don’t have to prepare the whole bunch.There this one Prof who insists on preparing one case study per day and calls out randomly.. Our group hasn’t been called for so long.. And we have been preparing a lot.. But in vain.. And today’s case was a life science related one which I specialize in.. And if we miss today…we have to prepare 5 cases in order to present one on coming Monday..which is very hectic..soooo : I was like I am doing it today..since I like this case and I am not gonna get hectic in the weekend..I confidently told my team mates too..and they came in same frequency too.. So when prof was about to call out.. We almost got out of our seats knowing he would call us !!!  So YES he did. !!!.and yay no tough tiring preparations and I got to do what my area of expertise was !!!

4/7/16, 5:53 PM – Deepthi: Lol !! Awesome manifestation !! I also had a narrow escape like that yesterday when I deployed with an effective begin date a week older than wat was suppose to be for piloting our changes .. But then luckily there were bigger issues caused by another team which came up all of a sudden unexpectedly !! So all the focus was on it.. No one has realised about the effective date yet !! I am good now !! I would have thanked a hundred times for getting saved . Otherwise I would have been screwed up big time !!

4/8/16, 8:46 AM – Ganesh : I wanted to go to Mati for long It is an island 200kms away from my place Wanted to go there since I came here And suddenly yesterday me and few of my friends 3 to be precise decided to go there for this weekend There is a fest called summer frolic It is very renown every year it takes place once And now am on my way !!!!

4/10/16, 10:59 AM – Thasleem soundhu friend: today me and soundharya when coming from college was talking about the manifestation thing..she asked me whether you did any manifestation in recent days, i said no i dnt remember and i asked the same thing to her and she also said the same thing..then suddenly i thought letme manifest someting now and i wanted to see harley davidson bike today before i go to home….. look what happened i saw harley davidson in pallavaram. Hahahaha

4/12/16, 1:18 PM – Rathi: was thinking hey, how to help Deepthi get out of TCS. who do I know is an electrical engineer there in the states who do I know who quit TCS to become an engineer… then I gave up cuz all the answers were no. made me realise what a sucky sucky network I have. I am not in touch with anyone !!! ☹. I’m like urgh waste of time m sure Deepthi will find an answer. then my fb messengers pops. Luk at it, it’s Rampapa from our college! she pinged me after 6 freaking years !!! she’s like “hey how you, just quit TCS, chilling now. What you up to!!” can u believe that Deepthi ????? out of the blue. no no no idea why she texted me !!


4/14/16, 9:48 AM – Nafeela soundhu friend: Hello all, from yesterday I was cranky,irritated,restless and completely in negative mood . This state actually made everything very difficult for me. Everytime I came to the group , I felt some sort of settlement but again got back to negativity. Then, I said to myself and believed, I can find my own calmness which was deep with in me.

Later, in the evening when I was traveling I was thinking about all the messages in the group and Rathi’s one message about negative manifestation struck me and she had also told about changing Channels….that’s the one BIG thing I needed so badly to help myself calm and get on happy track….so BIGGG THANK U TO RATHI..and to this group ….  4/14/16, 9:51 AM – Rathi: omggggggggg Nafeela, I just came out of the washroom again crying, (fight with someone, me and the washroom mirror have too much alone time lol) , I’m like no. it’s 9:50am. I REFUSE TO GO FURTHER AHEAD IN THE DAY WITH THIS frequency. came sat down and took 5 deep breaths saw my phone and saw your message. my heart is so calm now and fluttering. thank you so much. I guess this is my manifestation, I needed help feeling better, and I saw your message

4/14/16, 12:48 PM – Karthik Soundhu friend: Was fighting with my cousin. Misunderstandings etc etc… a hell lot of problems. I forgot how to be positive. I literally forgot. Well, working on establishing my positiveness. And today again arguments! She blocked me, just when i was asked to post manifestations! I just thought my first one should be really awesome and then this, i was unblocked!

4/15/16, 10:33 PM – Mridhula soundhu friend: And here I am getting ready for my exam.. I usually don’t open my whatsapp in the morning, especially during exam times. And today, very unusually I opened my whatsapp. And what do I find. Two awesome manifestations and Lord shiva’s photo!

4/22/16, 7:15 AM – Sivavallinathan: Being in the healthcare field, I have been such a prick abt people eating healthy, following good living style. Prevention is always better than cure. And I always wanted to do a lot for health educating the people abt caring their health. But as I am still a student (doing masters), finance was a big hurdle for me always whenever any idea of health education struck my mind. I used to build up ideas and forget them as I cannot implement them. As a first small step, i scripted an awareness stage play on diabetes and its consequences last week at college, making the undergrads act in it. And today, two undergrad students came up to us (my colleague and me) asking us if we could make them a short film on alcohol problems in our society, for a national level competition. They say they will fund the project. I was wondering abt the last night chat I had with Rathi. Ithu thaan ‘manifest’ pola!! Many such things have happened before. But it’s now that I take up effort to recognise it and write it down here And I feel good abt it

4/23/16, 1:58 PM – Soundhu: I have a thought. … if rathi can sleep with a simple thought of ‘ getting closer with nature’ and see such a Huge result., why don’t we all together save our planet. ..??!! We all know about global warming.. 😏 of course…well  Chennai has now crossed 40 deg Celsius. .. Nagpur recorded 47 degrees. .. There’s draught in Maharashtra. .. a  lady is cooking omelettes on the road surface…. and it is just April. ..!!!! I have been trying to bring rain ( 😋 ) a little too hard. .. I know it is going to rain. .!! Well, what if each of us gave out silent  thoughts and prayers to save earth from warming… we can all try to cool our earth down with this incredible tool we have got…  I know it’s a lot, but if we start here and slowly spread it around, I think we Can make a difference….          4/24/16, 9:56 AM – Rathi: AND IT’S RAINING IN DINDUGAL

5/4/16, 6:36 AM – Karthik Soundhu friend: My little manifestation, while returning from munar we took a forest route. We were expecting many wild animals to be seen! But we found nothing. Rather, it was cool at the sanctuary, because we saw a deer. But in the forest route we saw a porcupine, and rabbits. We were asking for one more creature, surprisingly. Because my frnds are not used to “believing”, they say “ha, its not gonna happen.” But this time they believed. And then we saw a…….. frog !!!! While thinking so, one of my frnd said “heyyy, hurrayyyy, we asked for a creature and we saw one. Lets name it as kaatu thavalai”… i was like …. universe answered in a very funny way!

5/7/16, 11:25 AM – Karthik Soundhu friend: Just felt lile i wanna post a manifestation. And here it goes! I have been setting up aquariums. But, since i have started i aint got any orders. This has been a while and later i ended up in selling my aquarium set. I posted an advertisement on some sites, i also added that i do set up aquariums. Its been a month since i posted and i got not even enquiry calls. But now, i got a call, not for buying mine but to set up a planted tank!

5/8/16, 11:18 AM – Soundhu: Long time people….. I have something to share today. !!!!! I was coming home from my friend’s and when I got into the bus to my house and looked at my friends waving me bye, it struck me hard that college life got over! !!!!! Well all my friends are leaving and scattered right now😑 this sudden realisation made me cry involuntarily !! They were both happy and sad tears and it just wouldn’t stop. .. I turned on my mp4 player and started listening to loud music.  Then when I was walking to my house, there was this line of campaign vehicles for election and they had lit up a box of crackers. . It was a 50 shots cracker box and I had to wait till it got over… I am standing there looking at the sky bright with fireworks and it felt like universe was cheering me up !! Felt really amazing  about how help comes to you even when you don’t ask it out in words !!

5/11/16, 11:56 AM – Ayshwarya Sivakumar: Hi all,So here’s my story for today. I did not feel very upbeat about going to office today.This has various reasons, new job, new field, difficult to cope up to their expectations etc etc. And being a start up the pressure is humungus.. Yea so early morning i started cribbing about it while being stuck to the bed. Then yes, my awesome sisters told me to just go since something amazing was there today for me. So i just brought in all my strength to move away from the bed and go to office. Did all my chores keeping one thing in mind.. I atleast have a job, and thats more important and i am really thankful for it..Well then the series of amazing things as follows:

My boss comes late, doesnt know i came late

I haphazardly completed a task which was well appreciated

Had craving to have andhra meals, out of blue boss suggests lets go to a nearby andhra mess today

And the reason i felt too down was because i felt i was not good enough for the job and remained clueless but this got sorted out since i had a guest lecture today on the shortcuts to proceed.

I was able to start early and had no traffic

Finale: i usually come back from office with a colleague in car, our usual chit chat suddenly somehow turned towards Law of Attraction. And guess what she believes it as much as we do. She’s read the secret and applied to many things in life including her marriage and job. Soooo… phew.. what a ride!

5/13/16, 2:56 PM – Mitali EMeRG: 1) I have a work from home twice a week. One was due today. I wanted to go to office today but my husband doesn’t like it if I go to office on wfh day. So I manifested that he doesn’t get upset if I go to office. And it worked.. 2) I was not in mood to cook today. So I manifested that I don’t want to cook. Meanwhile my husband told me don’t cook today I have a team lunch.  I was like yuhhuuuuu. 3) I never usually go for a team lunch in office. As i get my own lunch box. So never get chance to kno my bosses. I really wanted that we go on tram lunch today.. And it did happen. 4) My laptop has a charging problem. So I removed it and  started using it on direct current. But due to constant power cut in Bengaluru, my lap top used to get shut down. So every time had to switch it on. It was tedious. I manifested that no power cut happens until I finish my work. And it really worked.

5/13/16, 10:47 PM – Aarthi: Hey all!! Aarathi here… U guys must not have heard any manifestations from me…. But here goes mine: For a very long time I wanted to go for a night show movie..( either with my husband or with my family members)…. So my brother had come down to chennai from gurgaon… He wanted to go for movie… But during weekends it’s very difficult to get tickets here…. I asked my his can if he wud join for the movie… He said no as he had some work.. But I told him I wanted to go and he said yes… lol..( not that I take permission for everything that I do 😝) but since he does not like night shows I told him only this is available and so we went for the movie yesterday night!!!!!! Thank u Ayshu and rats!! And guess Wat!! We are going in a long drive , night stay at friend’s place….. Along with THE HUSBAND!!!! Thank u Ayshu and rats!! And guess Wat!! We are going in a long drive , night stay at friend’s place….. Along with THE HUSBAND!!!! I am happy rathiiiiiii

5/14/16, 1:58 PM – Mitali EMeRG: 1) I was doing pranayam and my husband was ordering food from domino’s. A thought occurred toy mind that I want to eat taco maxicana. After i finished pranayam, I asked my husband what did he order. And guess what! Taco mexicana it was. 2) Again with domino’s. The delivery guy came. I wasn’t having change so I told I will get it from an ATM. He said I have to deliver to another block. I will come back once I am done and pick the money. While I was in ATM I thought too much money I have spent this month. God please help me save until I get my salary. And guess what. That delivery guy didn’t turn up at all to collect the money. We got free pizza and taco mexicana. Yuhhuu

Purnima here!

it’s been great reading your daily stories! quite amazing actually. I have been a strong believer of positive manifestation myself!  here is my first story!! So Monday mornings i have to wake up earlier than usual (5 am) and I am usually kinda grumpy at work. As I started working at my desk a few things just flew by my mind..Visa issues of my husband, me and my husband not staying together cuz of my job, me looking for new job but not much success yet blahh blahh..So i said to myself, God give me a sign to stay motivated!! and literally 5 mins after my husband texts me that his VISA extension got approved!!

5/17/16, 1:36 PM – Vimal Soundhu Friend: Hi this is vimal and here is my first story in this group. It happened yesterday actually but couldn’t post.. I learnt about manifestation clearly on 13 th and wanted proof to believe the concept. I thought ‘ universe give me an answer before I board my bus’ ( I was starting to my home town the next day) I went on to believe I’ll get the answer. Nothing noticeable happened until 16 th.. yesterday. I had gone to yercaud with my friends and cousins and my parents dint know about it.. my phone got switched off and I couldn’t contact my mom.. she got angry and called up my cousin, screamed at him and told that dad was angry at me.  We dropped further plans and came back. I was terrified to face my father and thought that my plans of coming back to Chennai the same night would go in vain. I came to my home town and had to take an auto to get to my house.. there was no autos available. I couldn’t call anybody too, that’s when manifestation came to my mind. I started walking and somehow knew someone will pick me up. And my brother’s friend did !! On our way I saw my bro and got in with him. He tells me that dad hasn’t come home from afternoon.. I went home to find that mom used dad’s name just to threaten me.. I convinced her in 2 mins called up my dad to ask permission for Chennai…and he allows me..  on my way home I saw this chicken shop and a sudden craving for non veg came. And the dinner at my house was dosa with mutton…! To top it all off, I got bus without pre booking a ticket In the most crowded time, with ease. All this happened “before boarding bus” .. So now I do believe in manifestations and universe.. At last I need this to be posted by Soundharya !! Finally she typed it for me !! Thanq so much Soundharya to make me believe this !!

5/20/16, 11:49 AM – Karthik Soundhu friend: Hi, this is karthik here. I dont know how many here has heard of “yummy” wafers… it was very popular during my childhood… like none would have tasted such wafers before Then the brand vanished. I couldn’t find it anymore. I searched everywhere, every time, not found. Then i saw some old eatables re launching. I had a belief i would fi d him. And yes today, a very old manifest came true! I found him!though taste now really sucks, yes i found him!

5/21/16, 9:47 AM – Soundhu: Hey y’all..I felt a little disconnected from the group today morning and thought to myself -ok… I have got to post something in the group and it’s been long since I last did… guess what, I just found my  long lost ear ring whichi knew I would find some day. .. hehe it was at the far end of my dressing table and I noticed it only today!!! What were the chances huh ?!!

5/21/16, 10:15 AM – Mitali EMeRG: I have friends who got married. We 3 were kind of good friends. Had lost the contact. But somewhere I always wanted to connect to them. So couple of months back I saw their updates on fb. They were in potu. I was determined to contact them. So thought I will call them when I plan to go to Mumbai. They live there. And yesterday the girl msged me inquiring about the job interview in a company where I was working earlier. She hen called me saying I am in Banglore. I was like what the hell. And to my surprise we are in the same area. Just 2 kms from my place.

5/21/16, 1:26 PM – Mridhula soundhu friend: Hi, this is Mridhula.

Today proved to be really awesome 🙂

  1. Starting from yesterday. I slept very late, but I wanted a very good sleep and I had to get up early. And I had a dreamless sleep for about 4 hour. And I wasn’t tired today morning.
  2. I was kind of getting late today to meet my friends and I didn’t want them waiting. Guess what, I got a ride for half the way and got bus instantly. I reached on time.
  3. I had mood swings for a couple of days. I wanted today to be perfect. And I get moody nor got tired. I thoroughly enjoyed with my friends.
  4. I learnt swimming when I was a kid, and I wanted to try swimming again after so many years. And today I got a chance to swim (though not perfectly :p)
  5. We left the theme park a little late and my dad had already called up once. I didn’t want an issue. I had to go to my granny’s place. And,i got a ride back home :p didn’t have to come by public transport. I didnt reach very late.
  6. We didn’t eat much, and I wanted to have a proper dinner. And my granny had made hot and spicy food 😋
  7. I wanted to end my dad in the best way. And while coming my friend showed me a place where they make awesome milk shakes. having one now 😁
  8. I usually do pournami prayer with a candle. I am at my granny’s place and we searched for a candle but couldn’t find one. But we found a fragrant small candles, the one that gives you the perfect fragrance for prayer and gives you positive energy.
  9. On Saturdays I go to Sivan temple and lit lamp. But today I couldn’t. But while coming I passed through kapaleeshwar temple and it was all decorated. And I felt good and strong vibes.

5/28/16, 11:02 AM – Sivavallinathan: Friend called up from US yday saying his dad here is not feeling well and has lot of issues. And i need to go and have him checked up. I was little worried when he called and talked. But something inside me was saying things were normal and been blown up by some one. And today I go, check up his dad. And as my instinct said, he had just age related minor issues and it has been blown up by some one he had consulted before. And my words of reassurance so much brightness to uncle’s face. Such a happy feel

5/28/16, 11:23 AM – Revathy Lakshmanan: Hi all ,Reva here .

  1. I have been looking for a good quality Bluetooth speakers for a while now . I was hoping to save up enough to get a Bose for Black Friday in November . I found a great speaker for about 1/3rd the price and ended saving loads of money and received the speaker already 😀 it’s amazing !
  2. We usually go to a temple near our home . There’s another one right behind it and we don’t frequent it since Pandian doesn’t prefer this . As we were driving into this temple I was thinking what a great thing it would be to go to the other one . Just like that my husband asked if we could go to the other one that day . And we did go to the temple I wanted!

5/31/16, 9:57 PM – Archana: Hi archana here. I wanted to try a very small experiment just after rathi told me about the pink bubble. I wanted to try half heartedly ,a small one cz of other experiments which went in vain. But nevertheless. Here it is. While driving yesterday, I suddenly thought. Ok. Let me do this. I told universe pls show me a pink butterlfy and make me realise I have seen one cuz one big mandu I am. I dont realise until rathi tells me. So I put it insode the pink bubble and ley it flow away with a smile on my face. I wanted to see it before 24hrs. Annnnnd. I forgot. But somehow I kept reminding myaelf about it. Yesterday I dint see it. Toda morning I was doing my exercise in my swami room. I closed my eyes to do the exercise. When I opened my eyes I saw it‚ it may sound filthy but my in laws had painyed the swami room with some butterflies and music notes. I HAVE NEVER NOTICED THE PINK BUTTERFLIES in that room ‚ and here it is. I dont knowing I should be happy or feel stupid. Rathiiiiiii. Help re. Enna idu. Should I take it as a success? Or just a co incidence?!!!

😉 We know its not a coincidence don’t we!?

5/31/16, 10:18 PM – Thasleem soundhu friend: Thasleem here: i was on the way to bangalore yesterday..i boarded express train which is in afternoon..it was soo hot i was all cranky as i was feeling heat..i cant able to sit in train.till walajah road (station) ..I wanted the climate to get chill…and guess once the train passed the station the climate was sooo chill..cloudy there was no sun heat..once the train was reaching vellore it “rained” heavily ..i was like OMg instant manisfestation..

6/1/16, 1:20 PM – Mridhula soundhu friend: Hi people, this is Mridhula. I have never tried the magic wand before and it was my long time wish. Even though I got a chance to get the feel of wand before (in ‘hangout’ with soundarya and rathi), I couldn’t as I had an important exam the next day and had to prepare for it.And yesterday I got to experience the wand. Oh my God, it was overwhelming. After experiencing it, I was surrounded by calmness. And without a doubt, it was one the best experience I have had.



Had to end this with the Einstein wand theory. So there you go, these are 3500 words out of the 59,267. Can you imagine how many more I could post here!?

It matters not how far away we are ( I am in Canada, every single person here in the post except 2, are in India, one is in Philippines), we are all connected. Our thoughts are more powerful than we give it credit for. We can get off the negativity horse just as easily as we hopped on it. Yes, we all have off days, but talking to someone who can point you towards what really matters and remind you the abundance that is readily available waiting for you, is all it takes to change your frequency. That is my intent for this blog. That is my intent for this posse. And That, I believe, is my calling.

I am nothing without you all. I have nothing but Love and gratitude for each and every single one of you 🙂

Thank you ❤

May The Force Be With You