Panic Vs Peace.

The power of a group !

I created a group in watsapp ( if you have read my previous posts, you will know what it was for), and in the last couple hours at least 4 people have texted saying they feel unconnected to the FP and are unable to post manifestations. I was unable to breathe thinking what went wrong! What happened ! Was this group a bad idea to begin with ?! Is this a de-motivating factor that if one can manifest and the other can’t they put themselves down!? But that was so not the intent of this group! OMG oh my god! What have I done !

& then it struck me, that I had gotten myself in the “path of the Rhino”. In one of Pam Grout’s book she explains how a rhino attacks. That beast of an animal is actually a sweet heart! ( in my head ALL animals are sweet hearts 🙂 ).  When a rhino charges towards you, (assuming it has you as the target), it has its 100% focus on you. As in, its point of focus is no where around you, but ON you period.

& when you stay calm, and take 10 steps to the left or right and do absolutely nothing else, it will run right past you. It does not detour that fast and all you need to do when its charging, is get the hell out of its way.

So with help from my brother and sisters,  I stopped. Thought what on earth am I thinking? If 4 people text and say why am I not able to manifest? and those words and their thoughts can affect my feelings ( I am LITERALLY 11,462 Kms away!)  & get me all wound up within seconds, then how much of an effect can uplifting/positive words have!?!

Look back, and think of when you joined this watsapp group. When you joined there were 5. We had a couple stories. Now there are 21 and counting, and we have stories EVERY DAY ! ranging from manifesting trips, rains, friends, clients, project submissions, assignment submissions, deadlines being post-poned, a completely fun filled active day,poems, meditation techniques, icecreams,pizzas, late night stay overs with friends,somgs, peaceful environments, photos on instagram, perfect weather, all the way up until VISA & MONEY !  Did you think last month you could have been exposed to all this? Think how you were, think how much better you are today ! and to do that, scroll up on your phones, in the group and see. Look at all the wonderful things you posted! You got them out there, and when you did, you uplifted someone else’s spirit. You made some one else’s day. You have it in you TO MAKE SOMEONE SMILE ! 🙂

Just because I post stories in our ‘watsapp’ posse and I have some stories to post in the blog it does not mean I have my Sh*t together people! I have off days and I fall apart as well so very often! (& so many times during a 24 hr period some days!)   But here is the thing, no matter how hard I fall , no matter what horrors may lie in my past, no matter what skeletons others may think I have in my closet, no matter what my E.V. (refer previous posts) says about me, I KNOW that there is an alternate way to think, I know and believe, that ‘the field/universe/God/FP’ always has my back , I JUST know ! that my HV is always available and I just need to slow down and breathe and listen.

& I absolutely know that I can CONSCIOUSLY make a choice, to be miserable or to be happy.

 So what do you want to be today? A miserable soul who no one wants to be around, or a ray of sunshine that spreads nothing but cheer and joy and smiles no matter what happens on the outside because you KNOW, that all the truth in the world lies on the inside? Your Call……  🙂


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  2. Hi Jack, Thank you for your response, I never expected anyone other than my friends and family to read my blog, the fact that you read it makes a worlds difference to me. Thank you for your feedback !


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