The Stillness cont…

I am not the biggest fan in the world of open ended statements, books, etc and I feel terrible leaving my last post with a question mark so here goes :

As me and my cousins were creating a group on FB and chatting on messenger, I started getting all philosophical on them and thought I could share that here as a continuation of last week’s post. Have you noticed our parents and grandparents saying “Early bird catches the worm!” or “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”? When I was a teen I would TUNE myself out when my mom opened her mouth with these.My argument would be “Urgh! I am so much better at studying when I stay up late!! Leave me alone! I don’t want to wake up early!”. I still make those arguments, but mostly its with myself ! 😉 But I have read articles (several of them, mainly because I was on the hunt to disprove my mom’s wake up early theory), where they talk about what to do to be successful. Again, Success is a very relative term. I have a job, I make money I feed my family I am successful maybe one person’s definition of success, while his/her friend’s definition may be I am going to change the world and that’s when I will say I am successful.

For the sake of this post, let us consider a few people from different professions. Margeret Thatcher, CEOs of GE/ Xerox/ Disney/PepsiCo/Square/GM/P&G (lets just assume for now a LOT Of CEOs), Jennifer Anniston,  The Rock, etc. they all woke up early. Lets define early at this point. The examples provided above wake up anywhere between 4:00am and 6:00am. Why? What in the world does Indra Nooyi do, waking up at 4 freaking o’clock in the morning?!?! They all do the exact same thing. They connect WITHIN. They all have different tools to do this, sure. Some exercise like it’s gonna go out of style, some run, some do yoga and meditation, some do visualization exercises, and my personal favorite, Jennifer Anniston, she plays with her dog for 30 min every morning. All that these people are doing, is making an attempt to connect with their inner self before they kick start their day. Isn’t it super crazy that doing something for your own self for just a mere 0.5 hours in a 24 hr day period can make a difference?

When we connect within ( when I say within I mean with-In-your self), we shush our loud obnoxious, self worth questioning, self-doubting, ego voice. To my understanding, there are 2 voices in your head.(Just 2?!? haha, maybe more, but when you think about it, it boils down to 2).Lets call the first voice the ego’s voice E.V. and the second one, the higher self’s voice H.V. Unfortunately, the HV isn’t really loud. He is the calm, soft, silently-nudging type of voice and of course the EV needs NOOOO introduction now does he. The Milky-way galaxy sized AM I GOOD ENOUGH! voice. Obviously he rules our world. What are you doing! You can’t do that! How stupid can you be! OMG stop screwing things up!You are soo good for nothing! The HV stands absolutely no chance in this chaos. There is no way you are going to hear him over all of this commotion. Are you honestly going to have the best possible day you can, by listening to the EV? Of course not! ( If you are,then I am interested in knowing how you do so!). You have got to give the HV a chance to speak. Actually the surprising thing I have discovered is he is always speaking to you! but his voice just doesn’t reach you with all this static noise. When you sit still, your mind will wander. Sure, it will take you to a million different places. But what happens after?It will get uncomfortable, it will want you to not sit still anymore, it will get restless. Sure, but what happens AFTER that?

My family knows one thing about me, as a kid/teen/adult (until 4 years ago 😉 ) I could NEVER sit still. They would put me on a train from Bombay to Chennai and I would NEVER SIT ( this was when I was 2 or 3 years old). I would walk around from compartment to compartment, and try to talk to strangers (not that I could talk! but that apparently never stopped me!). I would make friends in no time, they would give me candy and stuff and my parents would get so mad! Until a few years ago, could never sit still. Brain would work triple shift, quadruple shift. Could never be around silence. Needed music if nothing. When I moved to Canada, I would knowingly and unknowingly put myself in constant complete chaotic situations, just because I could not sit still and I am the poster child of curiosity. Mistakes made – innumerable, number of lessons learnt.

And then I sat down. I would just sit and stare at the sky. I would think it must have been a minute or two, but when I walked back into the apartment it would have been 15. I was curious. What was happening?

What I realized was that my EV was SOOOO gosh darn loud, I had to keep myself occupied at all times, in order to not get sucked into it. I had to keep the music playing in my room or car at all times, because I was afraid that if I stopped it, I would have to listen to how horrible a human I am, or how worthless my life is. I didn’t want that!! So I turned the music up! But that was no solution. When you sit still and let your mind go where ever it wants to, eventually it will come back to you. Eventually it will slow down. Eventually it will settle down and sigh. And with practice, that term Eventually goes from 50 min to 40 min to 30 min, to 20 min to currently I am at 3-5 minutes. But I did not sit for 50 minutes the first time. I gave up a lot of times, I waited for a long time before I gave it another shot, I would wait for a book or a sign or a post somewhere as a sign that I should give it another shot.

And that is what I want to do for you. All of that background about my past, was to let you know that, “I” the poster child of hyperactivity and curiosity COULD sit still. and hell if I can do it, ANYONE can.

And when you do sit still and stare at the sky or the river or the ocean or just sit with your eyes closed, you will hear your HV LOUD & CLEAR. That stillness, will open you up, to a dimension EV never can, never will. I cannot write in words what the HV will say to you, as different people have different questions that need to be answered, but what you need to know, is that you already have all the answers. Your stillness will bring them to you, but you need to do one thing.



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  1. It feels very good to read stuff like this Rathi.Thanks for this beautiful write up. These are some of the philosophies that were long lost under the dunes of ignorance .. Something that i had always strongly believed in . Now this is a wake up call for me. It is high time I train myself to listen to my inner self,to which I turn a deaf ear most often times. Continue to write more ..

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  2. beautiful! i loved it. sitting still is difficult for me too. the main reason i dont do is the same reason u had mentioned.may be i vll start giving my shots at it..thank you.

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