The Stillness…

I was reading somewhere that whatever we see has no meaning. As in, we only see what we see based on our past experiences. For example, the book says you walk towards your kitchen counter and pick up a cup. Let’s make it a porcelain cup. What are your initial feelings about it? “I have to make sure it’s not too hot. I need to ensure I don’t drop it, because it will break, I know how it would feel against my lips”. Since you have already had an experience or few with said cup, you think you now KNOW what this cup is all about. But do you? If that is not the case, are you not touching the past experience of the cup? Are you not before touching the cup, making up your mind that it’s going to be hot, delicate, it will break yada yada yada? What if I were to put a cup made out of a material from, well, say Jupiter, would you have the exact same feelings about this cup, which you did about your porcelain cup? Phew, ok let’s slow down now.

While doing the inner engineering course, I learnt that your eyes are not the same as they were when you were born. They are clouded with past experiences, with past sensory responses. Last night while watching Brain Games, a show in NGC, they had a baby, a teen and a fully grown adult connected to an EEG. And then they played a voice saying a word over and over and over again. The test was, to see how many different words you heard. Well, the EEG said that the fully grown adult and the teen heard 2 words, TATA and TODA, and when they did their brain lit up in 2 places. But the baby’s brain lit up in 3 places! Did the baby hear something the other 2 didn’t? YES! He heard 3 words, not 2. The three words were TATA, TADA and TODA. But the TADA had a very mild accent to it. Here’s the theory: Since the teen and the adult, have been used to reading, speaking and listening to English their whole lives, their brain could not recognize the slight accented DA. But since the baby didn’t know any language, it was open to listening to everything!!! Our brain rewires itself to filter out all the crap it thinks it doesn’t need in order to make its life easier. Which is nice in a way, but what if it is filtering out something it shouldn’t be!!!??

So, the whole point of this very confusing question filled post is – If we cannot even bring ourselves to stop judging a mere cup, from what it did to us the last time we experienced it, or, if we cannot focus our, well, focus on the good frequency around us because our brain is filtering out stuff based on the current running commentary in our head, how on earth are we going to snap out of all the judgments we make during the course of the day? This is a terrible, horrible bad, very bad situation, this was the worst meeting of my life, I can’t believe I have to live with this person, I can’t stand this guy/girl, sheesh even typing them out is emotionally exhausting! How do we get out of this? How make a change?