The Power of Many…


I recently started a Watsapp group for my family, with my 2 sisters and 2 brothers in it. The intention of the group initially was just to keep in touch. Then I got to thinking, why stop there? Why not make it like a blog type group? What I post here, is read by anyone and everyone, and I share stories here that I hear from my friends and family, why not do the same in the group? No one seemed to be against it, so I added my few friends. Then my sister added her friends, and what started as a 5 member group is currently a 14 member group! We introduced each other, welcomed them and named the group “The Positive Posse”. It is an exclusive group though, beware. Only manifesters are added to the group. Here’s the catch – Every single one of us, IS a Manifester! Consciously or unconsciously, we manifest things, people and situations into our life, so yes; all are welcome to join this group 🙂 .

The minute we started it, stories poured in, from manifesting assignments & professors, to an awesome trip to Mati, even seeing Harley-Davidsons in Chennai! They came flooding in. The thing we realized is that if 13 of us were manifesting these magical moments in our life, and the 14th one was having not-so-amazing moments in their day, the stories we shared would help put a smile on their face. THAT was the intention of this blog as well. I am glad it is working itself out, and can’t wait to hear more stories coming this way. Here are some of them I would like to share:

My sister was having a meh day and she was walking back to her room from her class. She decided to take a different corridor that time and walked right past this sign that was hanging on a door –


Here’s the thing, she HAS taken this corridor before, walked past that same sign, but the difference was this time, she was in the NOW. She noticed it, and stopped. She got her entry in the group for the day 🙂

One of the other stories : My brother Ganesh is 19, has never really truly been on an exclusive trip with friends. Sitting around and joking, his friends said hey maybe we should go check this Summer Frolic festival out, they were on their way a couple hours later and it was just him and his friends, in a car hanging out. He had the best time of his life (yet!) and he was partying all night! He was ecstatic about the trip 🙂 also, grateful !

2016-04-11 (1)

I am so excited for this group and the incredible stories it is going to be bringing in the future. As I was saying to one of the members, no story is either big or small, it is only our thinking that makes it so & Yes, the power of 14 is so much higher than the power of 5. ❤ More stories to come, keep checking your emails ….  🙂

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