The Now…

My birthday was last weekend, and I was shocked and surprised by the amount of wishes I got… Usually its my loved ones calling and wishing, those nearby give gifts, and we have some yummy cake. This one was different. In 27 years, this is the FIRST time, I went all day, with no gifts… & yet, this was one of the most memorable birthdays ever. Let me explain, I did not get any Gifts – as in, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, books, gift cards, electronics, custom made mugs, etc – Material gifts. All I got, was an 8 minute phenomenalistically awesomatic marvellous video. It was a compilation, of love, wishes, blessings, from all of my friends and family members. It started off with my friends little boisterous daughter singing “Happy Bloordaii Rootiii” and after 30 seconds I was in tears, and it only increased exponentially as I saw my Grandpa sending me his blessings, my Grandma asking me how I was, my cousin showing me her 3rd prize in running race, and an amazing poem written by my mom in Shakespearean English. Every time I see the video, I bawl my eyes out. As this was happening, me and my friend Shalini, were attending a Paintnite session, where we painted our hearts out, and had the time of our lives making fun of each others painting skills. She is one of my friends, who in the 6 years I have known her, has not ever cried. Yes, she has been sad, but she doesn’t cry that easy. You guys should have seen her watching the video with me!! She was probably crying more than I was!! 🙂

That’s what Love does.

I had breakfast in a restaurant I haven’t eaten in 5 years when it struck midnight in Philippines,  I cut cake when it struck midnight in Alaska, I went painting when it was midnight in India, and I was in a comedy club, laughing M.A.O. 😉 when it struck midnight in Canada.  & this was one of the best birthdays ( yet 😉 …).

Material gifts are Great! They are exciting when we unwrap the gift, when we see it for the first time, use it and savor that moment, yupp! that IS a great feeling. But can we remember what we got for our birthday 15 years ago? Memories last longer. & I was blessed with the best ones, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

Realize what truly matters in life. New house, new job, new car, new dress, new shoes, sure these things are amazing to have! but in pursuit of obtaining these, don’t let the PRESENT moment wander away. Don’t fret and fume in the NOW, trying to grasp a hold of some material gain in the tomorrow. The NOW is all you have. The NOW is all that matters. No matter where you are in life, no matter how successful or otherwise, remember that there is ALWAYS someone out there, who does not have what you have NOW.

Be Grateful for the NOW and the tomorrow will be filled with surprises. ❤

My boss shared this video with me, read the lyrics if you can, and feel the song 🙂 I am so glad she thought of sharing this with me 🙂


Love Life Y’all. & Remember , to live in the NOW. ❤