Remember, to remember.

The company I now work for, sent out a ‘team culture’ sheet to me and asked me what my opinion was, on what the team’s culture should be. I am so grateful to be in an environment where I am asked to voice my opinion!!! The first statement I wrote in that was “Remember, to remember your humble beginnings”. The following story kind of relates to this.

I woke up this morning, to an email from my dear friend Reva. It was a reminder of how we don’t stop, to think about where we were say a year ago, or a month ago. We just keep on going, like a hamster in its wheel. Here is what she sent, a story from a year ago:

  I was busy doing some work when vibhaa as usual kept tugging my pants relentlessly to get my attention . Out of hurry and desperation to get my work done and get her out of my way I gave her a treasured souvenir  a fridge magnet from Leavenworth . Nicely decorated and had two small pine cone like thing hanging from it with flimsy metal rings. By the time I finished my work and turned to check vibhaa she had thrown this aside and moved on to some other stuff to meddle with. But alas when I picked it up the two pine cones were not there . Now it’s a small cone, 3 or 4 cm long . Definitely not something she will swallow . But the rings . Tiny glittery thing. One was hanging to the magnet ( Thank God !!! ) the other was gone ! It didn’t take me more than a minute to find the pine cone thing . But I couldn’t find the damn ring !! That’s when I started hyper panicking ! What if vibhaa had swallowed it ! She’ll wake up with stomach ache in middle of the night and we’d rush her to hospital and they’ll find the ring in scan and people will accuse me for not paying attention to vibhaa and not taking care of her while I died inside of guilt and fear!!! Whoa!!!


Too much to think in a matter of twenty seconds right ! Well that’s how fast my mind jumped to conclusions ! And I stopped myself right there before I could bring about any more damage about it and I visualized that ring lying in the carpet and I finding it absolutely intact. Just like that . No panic just like ‘ keep calm and find the ring ‘ I walked back to the kitchen. Drank a glass of water and walked out with full confidence and calm . Looked around the  floor as if trying to find a chair to sit on, as if the ring could be as easily found .

Guess what !! I found it . Just like that . No haste no digging in the carpet and no crawling on my hands and knees . It was right there within two steps from me and I saw it with zero, zero effort . The universe just brought it for me when I asked it .

Now it IS a small thing but I was so so so grateful that I found it !!! Who wouldn’t be ?! That was my finding – the – nail – in between- my thumb and forefinger moment ( this is in reference to E-squared) and I am still awestruck by the power of the universe and our mind and the abundant abundant ways in which universe has our back every second !  How cool is that


So, I read this with a big smile on my face, and gratitude in my heart for starting off the day with a good story. But the story was followed by what I had written in the email to which she had replied with her story. This is what I wrote:

….The biggest issue for me is forgetting how grateful I was yesterday and re-living that moment, I seem to move on too fast, and hence that voice message was the best thing I could have possible done ! Because I listened to it now, and by golly was I filled with shock and amazement ! and I am RE-LIVING it 😀 it’s an amazing amazing amazing feeling.. !!! 🙂 I am always available for your convenience and whenever you want to record your feelings and capture the moment of gratitude passing through you – immediately  voice message me & later on when you are down, re listen to it. See how much your mood is lifted !

We should form a group, and share our happy experiences. According to E cubed, our minds are all connected, a simple example – when I yawn, u yawn with me even if you have slept for 14 hours that day..just like that..

If I create a group – it will have you, ayshu, soundhu in it. 🙂 so far… 🙂

& I did. This was written in Dec 18th 2014 you guys. I have 21 followers now, and 1100+hits on my blog with some viewer from Brazil who religiously views my post! Viewers from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Indonesia, and I swear I have no friends there (yet…)!!! So, a huge humongous shout out to all the viewers and followers and keep them stories pouring in !! There is no greater joy, than sharing 🙂

❤ Love All. ❤ Live life ❤ !!!

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  1. Awesome. Sharing anecdotes that reflect positivity is way better than spreading negative vibes through negative thoughts.

    Go gals:)

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