The Silver Lining


Just wanted to post a quick one this morning. Goliath hit us here two nights ago.  I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to go to work, came outside the apartment and got slammed in my face with needle like ice (freezing rain). I tried to get out of the shock, as just 10 hours before that there was ABSOLUTELY no snow. Walked my way through packed snow and saw my car in that state and thought, well I better get to work and abandon my car. Took a cab. On my way back home, bought a shovel and I Tried to plough my car out of that mess. By that time in the evening, the snow was all frozen up ( on top), and I had to use my shovel as an axe and it took me nearly an hour and a half to clear out very very little areas around my car. ( Never have I ever ‘shoveled’ snow from the top of my car before !!!). I thought I had strategically cleared out portions around my car, got in it, and tried to wiggle my way out . Unfortunately, well I hadn’t thought this through. I got stuck in a position where I could not drive front, could not reverse and wanted to shovel in the places where I was stuck, but could not open my door. ( there was 3 feet of snow near my door! What a Genius!). I gave up. Could not stay outside in that temperature without proper gloves for a minute longer. Got inside my car, turned the heater on, put in some music & relaxed. Thankfully I had chipped off all the ice from my windows, so after a half hour of relaxation I thought well, might as well try and squeeze myself out of the window and leave it to the cops to tow my car away. Then I made a request ( in my head I was screaming at the sky, but actually I wasn’t 😉 ), I thought well F.P. if you are watching all of this, get me out of this mess. I turned the car off, put my head through the window and was praying to god I fit through it so I could jump out into the brown yucky pile of slushy snow. A lady who was just getting out of the bank from across the road saw me, called 4 men who were just walking by and asked them to help me. They pushed my car front and back, a bunch of times. I told them it was OK, this was a lost cause , thanks for trying to help. One of the men came up to me and said, “We are going to get you out of here sweet heart.” . With all their might they pushed and I made it! I was back on the street and I screamed out to all of them “THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!”. Smiled at the sky with a tear in my eye. Thanked the F.P. for delivering in such short notice, once again.

Goodness exists everywhere, in everyone. There is more good around you than there is bad. It is what you choose to see. It’s all up to you. Now tell me, what do you consciously choose, to see & believe?



Wish you all a wonderful new year. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU & MAY THE ODDS BE IN YOUR FAVOR 😉 !!!!



















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