Now Charlie, Are you a dummy?

golden-ticketIn the movie “Charlie and the chocolate factory” , the kid who won the last golden ticket says that someone was willing to pay 500$ for his ticket, and that there must be someone else who would pay way more than that. Since his family was not in a very good state then, he wanted to sacrifice the golden ticket for cash. Then the wise old man says they print money everyday, but there are only 5 golden tickets in the whole wide world and they won’t be making any more of those. He goes “Only a dummy would give that up for money. Now Charlie, are you a dummy?”.

Money. The thing that rules all our lives. The thing that all of us put as a priority, knowingly or unknowingly. Sure, it makes all our lives easier and comfortable. But is it making us loose sight of what is important? Let us take the floods in Chennai (that turned it into Venice) for example. Families that spent millions building their houses, had nowhere to go. Nothing to eat, no place to sleep and they were waiting to be rescued, just like the families, that stayed in the slums. Now, I am by no means saying we should not strive to better our lives and live in nice houses, no. But we should really not be selling our soul to Satan in the process of doing it 🙂

We all know what our priorities are. At-least most of the time we do. But for most of us it is in our heads. I know for me it is. I want to do A,B,D and then C today . Let’s say this is my priority list for the day. As the day progresses, I go and do my A, and as I am headed to do B, I realize I have an E, F and G to do. At the end of the day, I really haven’t completed my A, B, D and C and on top of it, I have added on to it. If we do this in our day to day lives, how is the F.P. supposed to understand what we want? How is it going to keep track of our list? We do our experiments, to see if the F.P. is listening to us or not, and when we don’t see results, we write it off as “this stuff doesn’t work”. Here is something that my friend Revathy did, so she can keep track of what she wants. Its something called- The Vision Board. vision board

Guess what? This is her third board. Wondering why she had to make 3? Well. I will let her explain that, in the comments section .

Here is another cool thing that my cousin Soundarya did. I had shown her my Einstein wand that was made out of a metal hanger and a cut-up straw. She is clearly way more creative than me ! She wanted to make her own wands, so she made use of the burnt up Sparklers from last Diwali, used sand paper to rub off all the chemicals, rinsed it off, cleaned it up and used her clear gel nail polish to make it nice and shiny!  Now she is the proud owner of her very own special E2 wands.This :


Became this ! :


We need to get clear, on what we truly want. I am sure most of the time, we have no clue about what we want. Most of the time we want nothing, but to be happy. That in itself, is a request. But how many of us place that order, from the catalog of the universe?


No matter who you are or where you are in life right now, just remember, that Everything Is Going To Be O.K. The Universe Has Your Back 😉

❤ Living Is Amazing ❤ !!!

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  1. Thank you Rathi…. i needed this post actually. Prioritizing and not loosing focus is what i definitely need right now 🙂 Thank you for making me realize that. And of course thank you soo much for making me a part of this wonderful post !!

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  2. Hello All!!
    This is Revathy. First of all, Soundu – I love your wand ! Next to business – My Vision Board. That is my favourite one and the one I most frequently keep looking because it’s on my kitchen wall! Yes you read it right. And I’ve changed it 3 times?! Not the actual Vision board – The pics in it. Cause every SINGLE one of them I got. It all came true – Easily and effortlessly. Hard to believe? Try yourself . Put up a vision board with pics representing all you want – things events people and anything . I didn’t sure spend hours dreaming about it or meditating on it. All I did is see it frequently and that one moment I see the pics I said THANK YOU and felt a tiny happiness that I have it already. Seriously that’s all it took. I don’t have the previous vision boards to show (Sorry Rats) .
    But I will tell you what I did with the pics. I have taken it from the board and stuck them to my pocket journal/planner in a separate section with title WISHES DO COME TRUE . THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And when I’m away or feel a little lost in touch with my gratitude I flip through that section of my journal. I’m amazed by what believing had brought me. I’ve filled up the pages of the book and my life with all the wonderful wishes I put out to the Universe AND IT HAS DELIVERED EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED EVERY SINGLE TIME. Now , That’s the best hope I need, to live a life in a phenomenal way . I would humbly like to share with you all, what else I do to keep VISIONING

    1. My passwords on all accounts is something I want & Know I’ll get . It reminds me to believe and say Thank you everytime I log in on any account. With the date . So that I know that it’s already mine. The order is placed and it’s mine!

    2. We are the digital age people . Stuck with our smartphones and devices all the time. I changed my wallpaper on my devices to want I want to get and again feel grateful everytime I unlock .

    3. I keep writing in tiny pieces of paper about instants and events that were magical to me in bringing me the wishes . Something that unexpectedly came my way to make me happy and something’s like that . I’ve put it a transparent glass jar and keep it on the counter. Whenever I see the jar I feel so happy and grateful that so many ways The Secret had worked for me . It would always have my back. Always.

    Hope you all have a wonderful life ahead ,


  3. Amazing Reva ! My god, I don’t do even half the things you do. You are truly inspiring girl. Love you loads and keep inspiring !!! ❤


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