Incidents, accidents, clues, proofs..

The story of the flat tires I quit my job the last week of July. Just was not THE dream job I thought it would be. I was disappointed because I thought this was a great place to work for and it’s going to be awesome & magical and blah blah. Well it wasn’t. Things weren’t the way I thought they would be and my expectations did not match reality. But here is the thing. I did not have the guts to quit. I knew I was unhappy and miserable, but I was too scared of what might happen if I quit. What if I don’t get another job soon? What will I do for my rent and car payment? and so on and so forth.

Then I thought hey! The only way to get out of this mess is to use the LAW. Have you ever asked a question out loud and let it go and then discovered the answer in various different forms? If you had read my previous posts you’ll understand what I am talking about. So I said out loud “Should I quit my job” ? To avoid the critical part of my brain start answering that query, I imagined my words filling up a pink balloon and I let it float away. Here is what happened within the next 96 hours

MONDAY : woke up to a flat tire, got the donut out. Could not find the jack to put it on my car, called some towing guy to do it for me. Drove to work. On my way to the mechanic, had a flat donut ! Luckily a great colleague of mine helped me out.We bought a new jack and got everything squared away and realized that all this time, I had my own jack in my car! Darn it! Went back to work at 2. Plugged my laptop in as it had no charge and CRASH! my laptop just died. Could not bring it back to life. Got a call from a very upset boss. Cried in the shower (shhh…). When I got out, Revathy my awesome friend told me that my story from a YEAR ago – had been published on THE SECRET’s website ! Couldn’t believe it. It took them a year to select my story (I had given up hope) but what are the odds of them publishing it on the same day so many things went wrong!?!? Cried again – this time in joy and went to sleep 🙂

TUESDAY: Could not recover my dead laptop. Scurried around for a spare to try to get some work done. In Vain. The laptop I did find had no softwares I needed.

WEDNESDAY:  Finally got all softwares installed, & CRASH ! another laptop died on me. No idea what happened. Could do nothing to get it up and running. PANIC MODE ON !!! Boss was back, took the two laptops.

THURSDAY: Third laptop in use now. Half way through , had the BLUE screen of death pop up on me (the screen that basically says I am going to do a CHKDSK and then you are sooo Sc***w*d !!!). I wished I was dead.

FRIDAY: My boss handed me the two laptops. Something about him was just OFF.I was going on and about with my day when he called me in and told me he doesn’t know what to do with me any more.

This is what had happened – I had been applying for jobs for days before I had asked that question and let it fly away in the pink balloon. Shortly after which my laptop crashed , and the amazing turn of events followed. When he restored my laptop, TADA ! (I am assuming this is what happened) Google chrome as loyal as it is, to its users, said “Hey you didn’t shut down your chrome properly the last time. Do you want to restore?” and Voila! He had my chrome history printed out and highlighted. He said he didn’t call me in to fire me, I said Nah.. Just let me go 🙂 and I resigned.

It’s shocking how some incidents turn out to be your clues / proofs that the universe is always working it’s way, moving people and circumstances around you to give you EXACTLY what you want. And It all didn’t just start with a flat tire.

I got a call from Sadhana about my resume, (she was from where I was, the country, the state, the city and even the postal code ! and her husband was from where my grampaw and grammaw were!!) She said there is a job I would be a good fit for, she convinced the interviewer to speak to me, (even though he did not want to, he wasn’t even interested in my profile!), I went for the interview and everything seemed like I had the job. But I didn’t get the final YES. One sunday I was driving in the country side heading back home when — FLAT TIRE ! Did I mention country side? nothing on either side but grass. No towing agencies for 6 miles. Nowhere to go, No one to call. I thought to myself A) Either I can panickkkk and freak out and make myself feel worse. or B) I can think, I lost my job when I had a flat tire. This is a SIGN. I am getting that confirmation today. And I drove. with two tires on the road and two tires on the grass, smelling smoke and praying for some way to fix my car. And then I saw it. “BELLE TIRES – OPENS at 8:00AM”. It was then 8:01AM.

Oh and yes, I got the confirmation within 2 hours from that incident. I have moved to this new city (I had complained for 4 years that ALL my friends have visited this city – but me – It’s a tourist attraction like place called 1000islands. I was feeling so left out and now I have MOVED here !! 🙂 ), working in the most amazing place I have ever worked in and yes this indeed is the DREAM job I have been wanting. 🙂

Sometimes when we don’t really know what we want and just say, I want to be happy 🙂 The universe finds it’s way to bring a smile on our face. It always knows what we want. Everything happens for a reason and I mean EVERYTHING. When you find yourself in a sticky messy situation, just know this

Everything is going to be okay. The universe has your back.

❤   Love all 🙂 Live Life 🙂

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