Be careful what you wish for…

We probably have heard our parents/grandparents say that time and time again. I heard this from my mom often “What you sow, so shall you reap”. Why did they say that?!?


Maybe it’s because they already knew there exists an invisible genie that takes a note of every thought that we have & every word that comes out of our mouth ! Is this true? Of course it is! Do you want proof? (of course you do ! How else would you decide – to believe or not..  😉 ) If you have read the E-squared book, I am asking you to try out the “The Alby Einstein Principle”. That is as much of a proof as you are going to get. It is for people like you and me, who need physical proof that thoughts affect things.

I did this experiment with my friends and family. Its amazing how it works for everyone initially. Ayshwarya, my cousin, had the wand and thought about a water bottle that was sitting on our table. The wands pointed that way and then my other cousin took the bottle and moved it to the other corner of the room and… Yep! the wand followed the bottle. Soundarya, thought about herself (how innovative!) and we were shocked to see the wands turn outward, and point at her shoulders. Unforgettable moment!

Prameela, a friend of mine was visiting me and I made her try it. It did not work for her at first. She thought I was doing some kind of voodoo with a metal wand, or I had pixie dust all over it 😉 Then she asked me where I bought that wand, and when I told her it was a metal hanger from my closet she was so shocked she refused to believe me. But when she DID believe, (took me a while to convince her 😉 ) within 30 seconds or less she said “Alright girl. What ever this is you are doing I am going to trust you 100%.” and she repeated the experiment, and Lo and Behold it worked like magic.

I usually post on Mondays and yesterday I drew a blank. Had no stories to tell. Today I got This !

My cousin loves Lord Shiv (O.K. who doesn’t 🙂 ). She was feeling blah this one day and went to the temple to see him, you know, drop by just say a hi! 🙂 and the priests were standing outside yapping. No one bothered to come in and do an Aarthi (Puja). This upset her even more and she said Really dude?!? 😦  She didn’t sit anywhere, kept walking, an when she was about to leave, she wanted to adjust her dupatta (a length of material worn as a scarf or head covering, typically with a salwar 😉 ) and when she did, there was a half foot long garland with vilva leaves in it. (Hindus probably know this but Vilva is Shivs favorite Leaf! ) She was ecstatic about it when she was telling me this. And then she texted me again with this story…

My uncle (Shiva.. Lol) was coming back to Chennai via train and he was at a station, lets call it A. His daughter, was getting back from the college and her train stopped at station A for a couple min. Of course they were both thinking  about each other and in that couple min.. She saw outside her train and saw her dad walking on the opposite platform. She called him, asked him to turn around and they went home together & had a hearty laugh about it 🙂

So do you still believe that your thoughts have no effect on your everyday life ? Your thoughts (every single-darn one of them) have an immense effect on how you live your life and what happens and doesn’t happen to you.

The person who says he can & the person who says he can’t are both usually right..

Make your life happen your way. Or you are taking your awesomeness to your graveyard. All these posts will wear off. You will read it once and you will keep it in your mind for a period of time & it will wear off. That is why you need to keep at it. Read a page in a motivational book. 1 page a day. 1 motivational video a day. There are millions on the internet. I do it. I make time to read something that will get me back on track. I make time to watch something that will help me strengthen my belief. But I do it – Because I want it THAT BAD. Now… how bad do you want it?


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  1. Yes !! It was like a magic to me 🙂 Thanks Rathi for sharing that experiment with me 🙂 Absolutely true, You make your thoughts and your thoughts make you as well 🙂 Keep up your good work rathi. bises

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