Continuation of the experiment….

Here is another story I got from Jay , a friend of mine from the gym .

Picked an orange Hummer & went to bed 1 hour later. Random TV commercial from US of car salesman standing in front of “ORANGE HUMMER” !

When I met him at the gym later that week, he said he thought of a blue van, a silver corvette.. and Yes.. He saw them.

Purnima, another dear friend of mine, got a job in Chrysler and was about to get her first car [Journey]. We used to live together so she used to come home after work and talk about how awesome this new car is going to be and we used to get so excited about it together. Almost about 2 weeks later, we were driving to the mall together and we would have seen at-least 6-7 Journey’s! When we got to talking about it, I realized that I would have seen at the least 30-40 Journeys on the road the past week, and so did she!

My point being – What ever you focus on expands people. But are you AWARE enough to realize that the answers are right in front of you? Like take Jay’s story for example, he could have picked an Orange hummer for the experiment, turned the TV on and stared at it blankly and gone to bed. But he was aware enough to realize that what he had just set his focus on, appeared on TV ! 🙂

Just wanted to share 🙂 . I can hardly wait to post pictures of the magic wand experiment [ a metal hanger and a straw!! ] 😉