A lil experiment from a book..

What are we going to be talking about in this blog!? Umm lets see :

  1. The energy field.
  2. The Universe.
  3. God.
  4. The F.P. (Field of Potentiality)

If you have ever read any self help books then you probably know by now that points 1 through 4 are all the same. So many infinite examples to prove it. But let me not bore you (yet!).

We are energy. Energy flows through us. God exists in the air you breathe. Universe is within you just like it is all around you. and so on and so forth.

I think the best part (one of the best part-s.) about this theory is – This is a judgement free zone ! no matter where you are in life. no matter what you have done in the past, no matter what you are blaming yourself for,(you get my point right 😉 !) the energy field doesn’t care. It loves you abundantly. It always watches out for you. It’s ALWAYS Got your back !

So do you guys know what a posse is? I sure didn’t when I was reading E-squared. It is a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose. I believe it’s safe to assume we are a posse of positive vibed people. So to jump-start our belief system, I suggest we take the easiest of experiments in E-squared (All hail Pam Grout !) and run with it. 🙂

What ever you focus on expands…  Lets take a car for example. Lots of cars all over the place right? Now lets make it a little tougher on the FP. Choose a car colour that you think is impossible to spot. One of my friends chose “Apple Green”. And I will let her explain in the comments how the circumstances turned out and how she came so close to giving up on the experiment . I am going to go one step further and take “Rose milk Colored VW Beetle” car for my experiment. So if you want to see how all this universe and energy thing works, all you have to do is suspend your : Judgement/ cynicism/ doubt/ fear/ etc. for 24 short hours.  and say this :

Alrighty Universe (FP, Energy field, God, use what ever makes you feel at ease), if what ever this is all about, is true. If what Pam Grout claims in her books is true. If what Rhonda Byrne says is the secret, is true. Give me a Proof. Show me an ” XYZ Coloured Car ” within the next 24 hours. (If you think 24 hours is a crazy timeline make it 48. Do what ever it takes to tell your mind that you WILL see this XYZ colored car.)

Now there is an important part of this experiment. you can’t just ask this question and shut off your brain, turn into your own world and expect to see the reply. You need to make yourself available for the answer. Look around ! Be PRESENT IN THE PRESENT instead of going back and forth between past & future! (you really don’t want to miss out on the now by thinking about the moments that don’t exist do you?). Believe that the answer is on its way. and like the topic of this blog says : Push your realm of whatever your reality is… to see magic.

Remember : Those who do not believe in magic will never find it … Post your comments within the next 24 hours. I know I will post mine. Lets see who all are up for this !


4 thoughts on “A lil experiment from a book..

  1. Hello folks !
    The ‘friend’ mentioned above about the apple green car, that’s me (Believe me, that was the hardest self-challenging decision I had to make, because everyone of us who picks up any self-help book wants to see it prove true to themselves ) And choosing to test your faith for the very first time, to spot a car that’s apple green was tough . Not tough for many but yes tough for me . Want to know why? I’m a stay at mom. With a hyper active toddler who makes it her sole aim to zoom out the moment she sees a crack in the front door. So I am locked in at home with her literally 24/7. Especially in the winter months.
    Without further ado. How the universe proved me that nothing is impossible for it when YOU put your mind on it .
    I made the challenge, while I was traveling to Pleasnton,CA visiting family.
    There is a small play area a little less than a block away from the place I stay and it has a tree house kinda thing in the center overlooking the road.
    1st day ( with lot of doubt ) I deliberately walked through the nearby walking lots wanting to spot the apple green car ! Nope not a single one . Not even a green car. Not much faith in the universe . ( What if I don’t see the car? What if the all powerful LOA doesn’t work in my case ? )I was just trying to help . Well, that’s what I convinced myself saying.
    It’s a quiet community .
    The people I was visiting had just moved from India so they didn’t have a car yet and so there was no way for me to drive around the town too.
    Day and a half into, I almost gave up any attempt to find it .
    I had taken my kid to th play area and it was empty in the afternoon. Not a single soul was around . We both climbed on top of the tree house and sat there overlooking the road.
    And I as a final attempt began checking out the few cars that cross the road (in that quiet afternoon ) at that time to see if that’s the way universe was sending in my proof.
    Just the day before a huge truck was standing there . Today it has moved a little bit away.
    As I climbed on the top and settled in in a comfortable spot with my kid I looked up.
    Lo and Behold ! Right across the street – in the parking lot of a hospital group. There was that beauty ! A exact apple green car just as I wished to see ! I wasn’t even searching the parking lot, all I had to do was just look up ! That’s how easy the Universe made it for me .
    You see I am a very practical person. I need concrete proof and well defined steps in order for something to be believed . But everything – every single thing I had asked from the universe – I’ve got . It’s true when they say it’s the same for everybody .
    The miracles that happen for so many people in the world, they are people like you and me.
    Hope my story helps . Thank you so much Rathe for giving me an opportunity to share my story . You are doing an amazing job . Keep inspiring !!!

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  2. Ok ! So I have NOT seen my Rose milk (pink) beetle yet . I did see a bunch of beetles around, but not the one I said I wanted to see : Here is why I think It hasn’t worked for me (yet) !
    All I could think of all day was : ” what if I don’t see the Pink beetle? what if I don’t see it !!??!?!? OMGOMGOMG ”
    and I tried really really hard to see the car. I was in panic mode.
    And the universe went TADA! : ” your wish is my command (lol). you shall not see it! ” . So I am starting over the experiment !

    Here is a little suggestion for those of you like me : When we are in panic mode or what if things go wrong mode , we are sending out a frequency of doubt, meaning I don’t believe enough. and when you don’t believe you ain’t gonna receive. You have got to ASK, BELIEVE & RECEIVE. In short. take a deep breath. have full, complete, unadulterated faith that you have put out a request and the delivery is on its way. and don’t try too hard to make it happen. That’s not your job. 🙂 Good Luck to all participants ! 🙂


  3. It happened 🙂 BAM ! I was driving back from work and saw a PINKY-PINK-PINK Mitsubishi car right next to a brand spanking new white VW beetle. Can you believe it? I said Reeeeal funny universe.. Show me what I want to see so I can post it in this page. And then voila ! A red Beetle ! Grrr…. and I went to the gym and in the parking lot — ! Guess what ? A shiny Yellow Beetle ! I was like COMEON!!! Lol. After the work out I was leaving the gym and I saw in the corner of my eye a pink VW beetle standing in someone’s driveway. I had to drive by their house and stop and take a picture for you guys. I am still new with this Blog thing, so who ever has followed the blog, I will email it to you. Oh ! & by the way this cutie car had BIG LONG EYELASHES !! It was almost as if it was winking at me ! I can’t wait to hear all your stories!

    Did I mention that the universe sure does have a sense of humour ?

    PS : If you guys want to get notified about these comments, click the “Notify me of comments via email” option right below the comments section (you can only see that option if you want to leave a comment first. 🙂 ) Thank you !

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